Lace Wig Repair - Additional hairs

Lace Wig Repair - Additional hairs (LWR04)
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Lace Wig Repair - Additional hair Reventilating service to fill out balding spots and areas. Human hair Lace Wigs, frontals and Toupees only.
Lead time 3-6 weeks
Service includes reventilating additions and filling  of hair on spots that have been prone to shedding. ( front, back, crown and around the perimeters), or Adding length and density.
Rejuvinating old wigs to near original by restoring waves, curls and Silky lusture.
Prices starts from £65( depending on the condition of the wig)
Ensure the Lace Wigs clean of any adhesives before sending your unit in. We would charge extra if cleaning is required.
You may also take pictures of areas that need repairs ansd email it to us at so we can inform you if your unit is repairable.
When sending your unit, make sure it is sent via registered postage as Fabulous Front Lace Wigs would not be responsible for any loss or damage.

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